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Voyage Childcare Center is a program that welcomes all families. Our mission statement is, “to provide exceptional inclusive childcare and early learning opportunities for all children while embracing individual differences.”

Our program supports the belief that we are each valuable members of our community. We strive to foster goodwill moral values that enrich everyday life experiences with respect, appreciation and compassion.

Our vision is to empower children to reach their potential through diverse play-based learning opportunities. Our program's core values are:
- Families: Our families are respected as the first and most consistent support in a child’s life.
- Potential: We believe all children have the potential to make meaningful gains with the right opportunities and supports in place.
- Innovation: Our staff are encouraged to provide playful opportunities for the children to grow in all developmental areas through creative and current research-based practices
- Practice of Relationships: Our program fosters goodwill values and morals by reflecting everyday experiences and relationships with our community. Sensitivity, respect, and acceptance are modelled to the children through inclusive and caring participation within the community. This with the goal of building a sense of belonging strengthened through reciprocal valued relationships.
- Teamwork: We believe successful and supportive teams are built through collaboration and by listening to families, staff, and community members. - Inclusion: In our program, all children and families are welcomed and included.
- Professional Development: Staff are encouraged to implement new research-based practices while continually evaluating outcomes through reflective practice and training.
- Transparency & Integrity: Transparency and integrity is put into practice by way of open communication with families, staff and community members at all times.
- Equity: We support equality by ensuring each member of our community receives what is needed to participate and contribute.
- Sense of belonging: each child, family and staff worker is welcomed.
- Time for Play: Play-based learning allows children to inquire, think, and pursue interests alone or with peers. Educators act as facilitators to empower children to become meaningful learners.

Our highest priority is to provide an educational and inclusive care setting in which all children are welcomed, and individual differences are embraced. Through our practice in relationships, we offer flexibility and family-friendly childcare reducing barriers that prevent some children from accessing early childhood educational programs without discrimination.

Our program empowers families to partner with us to enhance outcomes for their children, achieving their specific goals for their child, building on their unique cultural values and strengths. This is achieved through collaborative goal setting, open communication, and parent education.

Our program promotes multiculturalism through activities that the staff and families from our community suggest; we advocate for inclusion by opening spaces and capacity for children with different needs. We welcome children from any cultural background, and with any physical, intellectual or emotional ability. As educators, our staff guide, scaffold, nurture, model and facilitate children’s learning, and through this learn about what children know and how children make meaning of the world.