Licensed Daycare program

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We provide rich, nurturing surroundings, and a fun learning environment for children’s spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth through scaffolding on and extending children’s learning and interest. We also facilitate positive peer interactions and increasing independence for each child. Play based learning occurs when teachers model, plan, and organize materials based on the students interests and developmental needs to promote Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, Citizenship and Identity, Environment and Community Awareness, Personal and Social Responsibility, Physical Skills and Well-being, Creative Expression, Social skills, and Emotional Regulation.

Following Flight, the Early Learning and Child Care framework for Alberta, our program provides a holistic approach that embraces every day’s experiences as the source of meaning and curriculum making practices. Teachers integrate the interests of the children into the invitations to play and activity areas that are set up each day. The experiences of care routines, play and learning create developmentally appropriate guidance for our planning.

Spaces available for Fall/Winter 2025
(no spaces before then)


Cost does not include affordability grant nor subsidy.

10-18 Months

5 days - $1202.01

4 days - $1004.25

3 days - $808.55

2 days - $615.94

19mo - 3 years

5 days - $1174.20

4 days - $977.47

3 days - $775.59

2 days - $589.88

3-5 years old

5 days - $1157.41

4 days - $944.51

3 days - $742.63

2 days - $562.28

Daycare when attending a preschool program

PreK 3 - $854.90

PreK 4 - $848.72

Kindergarten - $863.61


​​ Subsidy is accepted
For more information please see the Alberta Subsidy Website at: ​​​